The aim of Ekol Nutrition and Diet Service:

The main aim of Ekol Nutrition and Diet Service is to provide healty nutirtional behavior for all the lifetime, to inform and follow the patients about their diseases and to improve the healthiness. Instead of standart diet programs, Ekol Nutrition and Diet Service use healthy nutritional program by considering genetic, biologic and social life of the body in coopeartion of the specialist.

The Mission of Ekol Nutrition and Diet Service:

  • Special weight loss and weight gain program
  • Nutrition in diseases
  • Infants and children nutrition
  • Nutrition in pregnant and breastfeeding, nutrition for women
  • Nutrition in adults and older adults
  • Nutrition for sportsperson
  • InBody Test and metabolic rate measurement
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Menü planning, nutrition counseling in the working place
  • Food intolerance test
  • Medical analysis
  • Check-up

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