Diet and Nutrition

We are ready to help you with proper nutrition and weight problems.

Child Health

We serve our newborn and pediatric patients in our pediatric department.


In the cardiology department, we serve our patients on cardiovascular diseases.


Pulmonary Diseases serves our patients for complaints related to respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic and acute bronchitis.


Our Emergency Department is ready to respond to all kinds of emergencies 24/7 with expert staff.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

General diagnosis and treatment services for Gynecology and Obstetrics and treatment of many diseases are performed.


In the orthopedic department, all musculoskeletal diseases are treated.


In the urology department, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of kidney, urinary tract and genital organs in adults and children are generally performed.


It is the department where surgical and clinical treatment of eye diseases is performed.


Brain, spinal cord and nervous system and muscle diseases are our neurology department.

Anesthesia and Reanimation

It is the department that prepares our patients for surgery and applies the appropriate anesthesia to the patient.


In the radiology department, we serve our patients with advanced health radiology technologies.


We serve our patients with complaints such as hearing, speech, nose and sinus, balance disorders, etc.

General Surgery

This section serves for the treatment of diseases that require general surgery.


In our physiotherapy service, we carry out the diagnosis, treatment and preventive treatment of movement limitations.

Internal Medicine

In the internal medicine department, we help our adult patients to diagnose and treat their diseases.

Biochemistry Lab

In our laboratory we help our patients to diagnose their diseases with blood and body fluid samples.

Beauty Center

In our Beauty Center, we provide services to our patients in many areas such as skin care and laser hair removal.